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Design Ideas for Stamped Concrete

Where to Get Design Ideas

  • Look at the Basic Construction of the Building
    The construction of the home or building is the first place to look when considering ideas for stamped concrete. If you are working with a traditional brick house, then the obvious choice is to echo that brick theme in the hardscaping. Depending on your budget, you can choose an entire brick-patterned driveway or just do a brick-pattern border.

    Choosing colors is just as simple. Study the structural elements of the building such as the color of the roof, siding, window trim, etc. Use these same hues in the color of the concrete, or choose a complementary color. You want to achieve harmony with the color and pattern, not glaring contrast.

  • Review Material from Manufacturers
    You can get a lot of ideas from the pictures and information in brochures from stamp manufacturers. Look at their literature for pictures of beautiful examples and combinations of their products. Use to find a list of stamp product manufacturers.

  • Search the Web for Photos
    A great place to start is the photo gallery on this website. You can also get hundreds more photos at ConcreteNetwork.Com. Or, do an image search on major search engines such as Google.

  • Go to a Theme Park, a Mall, etc.
    You can get a lot of ideas when you are out and about. Theme parks, such as Disneyland, Sea World, or Six Flags, often use stamped concrete in many different ways. You'll find creative uses of patterns for "way-finding" walkways guiding visitors through the park. You'll also likely see a lot of stamped concrete in outdoor mall venues, arboretums, and similar places.